2018-2019 Century Singers Officers

The 2018-2019 Executive Board


The Century Singers Officer Board is elected yearly to serve both the organization as a whole, and each individual member of the choir. They work together to plan and facilitate choir activities, and strive to act as positive role models for members. To contact the Century Singers Executive Board, please email them at centurysingerstamu@gmail.com.

Jacqueline Babin, President
Senior Microbiology & Animal Science Double Major 

Robby Reyes, Vice President
Junior Industrial Engineering Major

Jack Sullivan, Treasurer
Senior Psychology Major

Sydney Price, Secretary
Junior Agricultural Communications and Journalism Major

Galen Gladish, Performance Manager
Junior Microbiology & Animal Science Double Major

Melody Donaldson, Public Relations Manager
Sophomore Biology Major

Bret Parker, Pollard Representative
Sophomore Construction Science Major


Ex-Officio Officers


Ex-Officio Officers assist the Officer Board in management of the logistics of our organization. Without these individuals, our choir wouldn't be able to function. These officers are appointed by the Officer Board based on each individual's application, and are approved by the Director. Each of these officers is crucial to the operations of our choir, and we are incredibly thankful for their hard work!


Maggie Crosby, Information Technology Aide

Karol Krozel, Historian

Sarah Hart & Natalie Burkett, Co-Librarians

Michael Burleson, Former CS Liaison

Tifanie Brannon, Fundraising Committee Chair

Natalie Burkett, Soprano Section Leader

Melina Horstmann, Alto Section Leader

Daniel Stewart, Tenor Section Leader

Jared Campbell, Bass Section Leader